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"I have purchased 2 sets of Ploh pillows over the years, and love them! ... What I love about Ploh is how generous the stuffing is; I like how much support it has. My head doesn't sink a lot in the pillow, which I like..."

"I spent several nights at Alila Hotel in Manggis, Bali Island. I spent very good nights in this place and enjoyed so much the quality of the cloth covers and sheets etc. that I looked for the trademark of those items on the bed. I looked for your label so that I could find your web site when I came back home in France. This quality was very soft, sensual, silky sensation, almost like a second skin."
- Brigitte

"I was introduced to ploh at the Taj in Boston, where I slipped into the yummiest robe imaginable. When my dear daughter leaves for college this year, a ploh robe will be in her suitcase. "
- Elaine
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