"when your loved one’s away or in the dog house, cuddle up with this body ploh. but be careful – you might think twice about sharing your bed again. single and looking? well, look no further. this body ploh will keep you company whenever you need it – no strings attached.

are you expecting? so sumptuous yet flexible, the body ploh can easily be adjusted to the changing shape of your body during these growing months. and after the baby’s born, the ever versatile body ploh will continue to pamper by providing comfortable support while you’re nursing. not pregnant? send a little TLC to someone who is!"

while lying down the body needs support in several ways. since mattresses only support the body from underneath, pillows are used in all sorts of combinations depending on the sleeping position: between the legs, behind the back, under the head, under the feet, between the arms. the body ploh is sure to answer most of your comfort needs.