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limited edition

it's a beautiful thing all around.

the female eider duck begins to show its motherly love by shedding its heather gray down from her breast to line her nest and protect her eggs. only after the nest is abandoned by the mother to return to the ocean with her grown ducklings is this extremely rare down handpicked from the nest by the same devoted farmers who nourish and keep the ducks free from harm of poachers. in fact, these caretakers are the reason the ducks feel safe to rest undisturbed and lay their eggs after coming ashore each spring.

the age old tradition of harvesting down from this migratory sea duck continues today owing to the concern of the farmers, the legal protection extended to this beautiful Icelandic bird, as well as the undying appreciation for eider quality down.

transcending the need to impress with its high fill power, the distinctive down clusters of the eider duck possess an unmatched 'cling' factor. this truly exceptional trait is unique to eiderdown. the characteristic hooks in the down allow each cluster to cling together remarkably multiplying its insulating performance compared to any down with the same – or even higher – fill power.

of the small amount harvested each year, a select batch of this extraordinary down is used for ploh limited edition eiderdown bedding. so light, so soft. so very ploh.

pillow - eiderdown

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unit price
  LE.queen pillow - eiderdown
(19 x 29 in. / 48 x 74 cm)

  LE.king pillow - eiderdown
(20 x 36 in. / 51 x 91 cm)


duvet - eiderdown

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unit price
  LE.queen duvet - eiderdown
(87 x 87 in. / 220 x 220 cm)

  LE.king duvet - eiderdown
(102 x 87 in. / 260 x 220 cm)

  LE.superking duvet - eiderdown
(110 x 91 in. / 280 x 230 cm)


love your pillows and always use a pillow protector under your pillow case.

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